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Corporate Inclusivity Training!

Chad Curtis is a: Licensed Social Worker, Certified trauma specialist, Rainbow Advocate Educator, Peer Recovery specialist and founder of Tennessee’s first & only LGBT+ recovery residence: We Are One Recovery. 

He sits on the Mayor Freddie O’Connell’s LGBT Leadership Council and is a pillar in the recovery community with 10 years clean and a keynote speaker at numerous addiction recovery conferences.

Meet our CEO, Chad Curtis, a licensed social worker and certified rainbow advocate clinician. Our transformative training programs are designed to elevate your team’s understanding and inclusivity for the LGBTQ2iA+ community.

Why Choose Us? Chad Curtis, an industry expert with certifications in trauma, peer recovery, human service management, and rainbow advocacy, leads our dynamic training sessions. In February 2024, he’ll attain the prestigious title of certified rainbow advocate clinician.

What Sets Us Apart? We’ve successfully trained teams at renowned organizations like Thistle Farms, and starting in 2024, we’re proud to announce our collaboration with the Metro PD Crisis Intervention Team.

What You Gain:

  • In-depth knowledge of LGBTQ2iA+ terminology
  • Mastery of understanding pronouns and genders
  • Insight into the unique barriers faced by the marginalized community
  • Practical strategies for fostering inclusivity in your workplace
  • Effective communication techniques for creating a supportive environment
  • Empowerment to champion diversity within your organization
  • Access to ongoing resources and updates to stay ahead of emerging trends

Why Now?
 Elevate your team’s awareness, boost inclusivity, and enhance overall workplace dynamics. Limited availability – act now to make inclusivity your competitive advantage!

Limited Availability – Act Now! Secure your one or two-day training session tailored to your organization’s needs. Elevate your team’s awareness, boost inclusivity, and enhance overall workplace dynamics.

Contact us today for pricing and availability. Make inclusivity your strategic move toward a more diverse and empowered future!”

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